Lady Blue Band

For the best in blues, blues rock, and original blues rock

The  Lady Blue Band  is:

Joy Koltenuk - lead & backup vocals, harmonica, percussion
Born and raised in Charleston WV, she's been singing since the age of three, with roots that stem from the Appalachian Mountains and a Southern way of life. She has an appreciation and love of music, especially blues and rock n’ roll and was inspired as a child by recordings of Billie Holiday, Peggy Lee, Elvis, Ray Charles, and more recently Koko Taylor, Etta James, Robert Cray, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Gary Moore (to name a few). For more than 30 years and performing in front of as many as 25,000 people, she's been entertaining and writing the heartfelt lyrics for many of the band’s originals, showcased at every performance. Her powerful, sultry voice is complimented by the funk and dynamics of the band.

Steve Koltenuk - guitar & lead and backup vocals
Steve has been playing guitar for over 35 years so understandably he's been influenced by Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Gary Moore, Robben Ford, Danny Gatton, and Jeff Beck. Known for his big guitar sound and his love of music, especially classic rock and blues rock, he has a tasteful, unique style and leads the solid, rockin' sound of the band in the writing, arranging, and performing of covers and originals that are foot stompin', boogie till you drop or slow, melt your heart tunes.

Bill Hinerman - Bass guitar

Growing up outside of Moundsville on a family farm, Bill was raised on Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, and Loretta Lynn along with Eric Clapton, the Eagles and BTO. He started on guitar and learned chord structure from his Dad eventually playing guitar, bass, and mandolin in church during his high school years. He played lead guitar in a traveling gospel group in the 1980s, and played bass in a rock band in Japan and a country band in Waikiki through the mid-1990s. He also played mandolin for Leo Redbone on Mountain Stage.

Mike Pilato - Drums

Mike started playing drums at a young age after asking the Music Director what he needed and at sixteen, played in various bands in Central WV doing country, soul, and now blues and blues rock. In the Red Star Rockets, he had the pleasure of opening for Gary Puckett and the Pointer Sisters at the Charleston WV Regatta. After playing for over 30 years, he's an “in the pocket” drummer and is the other half of the tight, dynamic rhythm section that helps to set this band apart from the rest.

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